Hoenn bölümleri ülkemizde yayınlanmadı.

NoTürkçe Bölüm Adıİngilizce Bölüm AdıYayın Tarihi
277Get The Show On The Road!!
278A Ruin With A View
279There’s No Place Like Hoenn
280You Can Never Taillow!
281In The Knicker Of Time!
282A Poached Ego!
283Tree’s A Crowd!
284A Tail With A Twist
285Taming of the Shroomish!
286You Said A Mouthful!
287A Bite To Remember
288The Lotad Lowdown
289All Things Bright and Beautifly!
290All In A Day’s Wurmple!
291Gonna Rule The School!
292Winner By A Nosepass!
293Stairway to Devon!
294On a Wingull and a Prayer!
295Sharpedo Attack!!
296Brave The Wave
297Which Wurmple is Which?
298A Hole Lotta Trouble!!
299Gone Corphishin’
300A Corphish Out Of Water!
301A Mudkip Mission! 
302Turning Over a Nuzleaf!
303A Three Team Scheme!
304Seeing is Believeing!
305Ready, Willing And Sableye!
306A Meditite Fight!
307Just One Of The Geysers
308Abandon Ship!
309Now That’s Flower Power!
310Having a Wailord of a Time!
311Win, Lose or Drew!
312The Spheal of Approval
313Jump For Joy!
314A Different Kind of Misty!
315A Pokéblock Party!
316Watt’s With Wattson?
317What You Seed Is What You Get!
318Love At First Flight!
319Let Bagons Be Bagons!
320The Princess And The Togepi!
321A Togepi Mirage!
322Candid Camerupt!
323I Feel Skitty!
324Zig Zag Zangoose!
325Maxed Out!
326Pros & Con Artists!
327Come What May!
328Cheer Pressure!
329Game Winning Assist!
330Fight for the Meteorite!
331Poetry Commotion!
332Going, Going, Yawn!
333Going For A Spinda!
334All Torkoal, No Play!
335Manectric Charge!
336Delcatty Got Your Tongue!
337Disaster of Disguise!
338Disguise Da Limit!
339Take the Lombre Home!
340True Blue Swablu!
341Gulpin It Down!
342Exploud and Clear!
343Go Go Ludicolo!
344A Double Dilemma
345Love, Petalburg Style!
346Balance of Power
347A Six Pack Attack!
348The Bicker The Better
349Grass Hysteria
350Hokey Pokéballs
351Whiscash and Ash
352Me, Myself & Time
353A Fan With A Plan
354Cruisin’ For A Losin’
355Pearls Are A Spoink’s Best Friend !?!
356That’s Just Swellow
357Take This House And Shuppet
358A Shroomish Skirmish
359Unfair Weather Friends
360Who’s Flying Now?
361Sky High Gym Battle!
362Lights, Camerupt, Action
363Crazy As A Lunatone!
364The Garden Of Eatin’!
365A Scare To Remember!
366Pokéblock, Stock & Berry!
367Lessons in Lilycove!
368Judgement Day!
369Clamperl of Wisdom
370The Relicanth Really Can!
371The Evolutionary War
372Training Wrecks
373Gaining Groudon
374The Scuffle of Legends
375It’s Still Rocket Roll to Me
376Solid As A Solrock
377Shaking Island Battle! Dojoach VS Namazun!!
378Vanity Affair
379Where’s Armaldo?
380A Cacturne for the Worse
381Claydol, Big And Tall
382Once In A Mawile
383Beg, Burrow and Steal
384Absol-ute Disaster!!
385Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!
386Do I Hear A Ralts?
387The Great Eight Fate!
388Eight Ain’t Enough
389Showdown At Linoone
390Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?
391Date Expectations
392Mean With Envy
393Pacifidlog Jam!
394Berry, Berry Interesting!
395Less Is Morrison!
396The Ribbon Cup Caper
397Satoshi and Haruka! Heated Battles of Houen!!
398Hi Ho Silver Wind!
399Deceit And Assist!
400Rhapsody In Drew
401Island Time!
402Like a Meowth to a Flame
403Saved by the Beldum
404From Brags to Riches
405Shocks and Bonds
406A Judgment Brawl!
407Choose It or Lose It
408At the End of the Fray

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